30 July 2008

Can of surströmming, drawing

Theme this week is Canned on Illustrationfriday.com . My first thought was a can of surströmming or fermented Baltic herring. This is an exotic speciality of Sweden. Some love it and some detest it. This is an old type of food with an infamous smell. It is produced along the northern coastline of Sweden. The herring is fermented and then tinned where the fermentation process continues. The process only require a small amount of salt and therefor was it a common way to preserve fish  where salt was scars.
You can find surströmming in almost every supermarket in Sweden now and is considered a delicacy. In old time it was a everyday dish along the north Baltic coastline. 
You can find more information about surströmming in Wikipedia.
I have tasted it. It was edible but none of my favorites. And the smell? Well, you survive.

Original artwork. Color pen drawing on paper.  Style: realistic. Size : 19 x 27 cm or 7 x 10,5 in. Available for purchase.


INDIGENE said...

Very realistic and wonderful shading!


Anonymous said...

Nice drawing and great colors on the can. Very marketable.

Ginger*:)* said...

I thank you for your visit and I enjoyed visiting your gallery of artwork.