19 December 2007

Backwards backflip, sketch, graphite

An entry for Illustrationfriday.com. Theme of the week is Backwards. I am experimenting on movements and thought of flips and somersaults.
This is a sketch drawing made with graphite pen on paper.

03 December 2007

Excess of paint, color pen

Topic of the week on Illustrationfriday.com is Excess. 
This is my interpretation, a simple sketch. A lot of paint and not enough of walls! Not to mention all the spots.. Color pen and graphite on paper.

17 November 2007

Pick of the week!

My pastel artwork was the Pick of the week on illustrationfriday.com
A great surprise for me but a pleasant one! The artwork is available for sale. Price:  90 $

14 November 2007

Lots of scales, koi fish, oil pastel

Koi fishes, a popular motive for artists! I can understand why now. This is an entry to illustrationfriday.com . Oil pastel on paper. Size 28 x 20 cm or 11 x 8 in. This artwork is available for purchase.

22 October 2007

Grow by the coal, graphite drawing

Submission to illustrationfriday.com The theme of the week is Grow. 
The photo that I used as inspiration for the drawing was shot two years ago. 
Someone had burnt a small tree in the woods and the stump that got charred was left.
Original graphite and color pen drawing on paper. Size 20 x 28 cm or 8 x 11 in.

13 October 2007

Extremes in Sahara desert,oil pastel painting

A submission to Illustration Friday.Com. The theme for the week is Extremes. And you can see lot of extremes in the nature. This is Sahara desert and an formation in the landscape in Mauritania. Quite abstract!

Oil pastel on brown tinted paper. Size 34 x 24 cm or 13,5 x 9,5 in. Price: 100$

24 September 2007

Juggel with danger, collage

I am back! Starting with a submission to Illustration Friday.Com. The theme for the week is Juggle.
Collage made with cut outs from magazines and a little pencil.
Size 24 x 33 cm or 9,5 x 13 in.  Price: 90 $

E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!

05 July 2007

Work in progress2, houses in Tallinn, pastel

The painting is soon finished. I like this kind of old architecture. The colors are so harmonious.

02 July 2007

Work in progress1, houses in Tallinn, pastel

You can see different stages in the work process when I add new colors and shapes.

Oil pastel on tinted paper. A new artwork is coming. I was recently in Estonia, Tallinn and there I found these lovely houses. I just had to make a painting with pastel.

22 June 2007

21 June 2007

Artwork in progress, part 4

Part 4. Some green is appearing now in the image. I like the vibrant color in oil pastel. The colors will not change as it dries like paint. If you paint with acrylics the colors look a little bit different.

Next time the finished version!

19 June 2007

Work in progress 3,flower

Part 3 of my flower artwork. You can see I have added new colors so the result will not be so pink.

18 June 2007

Flower 2, work in progress, oil pastel

This is the second part of the coming artwork. Oil pastel on pink paper.

You can see how I build up the composition.

17 June 2007

Flower,work in progress1, oil pastel

This is a work in progress. Part 1. A dahlia.
Pink tinted paper and oil pastel. I have a couple of pictures as inspiration. The idea is to give an colorful feeling of summer. There is more to come...

28 May 2007

Poppy flower, oil pastel

Red poppies in a field. Lovely! Oil pastel on paper. Size 23 x 31 cm or 9 x 12 in.

13 May 2007

Patchwork, oil pastel,abstract artwork

A patchwork of meadows and fields. An abstract view of planet earth. Oil pastel on green tinted paper. Size 31 x 24 cm or 12 x 9,5 in. Price: 110 $
E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!

11 May 2007

Sahara desert from above, oil pastel, abstrakt artwork

The beauty of Sahara desert if you see if from the space in a satellite. The texture and coloring is interesting and challenging. Realism and abstraction. Oil pastel on pink tinted paper. Dominant colors: ochre, brown and emerald green. Size 31 x 24 cm or 12 x 9,5 in. Price: 120 $
E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!

27 March 2007

Street of Barcelona, Architecture,vehicles, streetlife,Soft Pastel artwork

Street in Barcelona, Spain. Old man watching and wishing all those vehicles... I was first interested in this place when I saw these knotty trees striving for light. Soft pastel on a orange tinted Canson paper. Dominant colors: orange, grey, green.
Size of the artwork: ca 51 x 41 cm or 20 x 16 in. Price 200 $. E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork or have a question!

28 January 2007

Street of Barcelona, architecture, soft pastel artwork

A town scape. Street in Barcelonas Old town, Spain. Morning light. Size 43 x 30 cm or 17 x 12 in.Soft pastel on tinted paper. Will be delivered with Passepartout. Price: 120 $ E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!

20 January 2007

Last piece of chocolate, food and candy, still life, oilpastel


A still life from a chocoholic. In Finland and Sweden you can buy a milk chocolate from a company called Fazer. In my opinion they have the best milk chocolate. This artwork is made with oil pastel on brown tinted paper. Size 22 x 30 cm or 8,5 x 12 in.

14 January 2007

Cake and glass, food,impressionistic style, soft pastel

A delicious cake on a glass plate, a glass of liqueur, some necklaces... A really romantic feeling! Size 44 x 31 cm or 17,5 x 12 in. Soft pastel on tinted Canson paper in an impressionistic style. Delivered with a passepartout. Price 130 $. E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!