27 February 2008

Pelargonium, Geranium, flowerpainting with pastel

I like these flowers. Easy to take care of and beautiful with many colors and features. I made this artwork two months ago from an old photo I had taken. The best is to draw or paint from real life but it is not always possible. Second best is to use a photo that you have taken yourself. Why? Because when  you see the photo you can usually remember the light and mood. You have also made the composition. It is your photo. Of course you can use other photos and pictures as inspiration and reference. But your own is the best in my opinion.

Oil Pastel original artwork on pink tinted paper. Size: 31 x 23 cm or 12 x 9 in.
Price: 110 $

26 February 2008

Multiple, abstract oil pastel artwork

My submission to Illustrationfriday.com this week. Theme: Multiple. I had difficulties with this one. I liked to make something abstract. I got the main idea pretty soon but how would I compose the pastel painting? At first I did a very simple sketch of floating cubes but it did´t work. But squares could work and by putting two cubes inside two squares the illusion of three dimensions would appear. Well it is up to you to decide if it is good! I feel quite content with the colors.
Original artwork. Oil Pastel on paper. Size 20 x 28 cm or 8 x 11 in.
Price: 110 $

17 February 2008

Color theory, oil pastel original artwork

My submission to Illustrationfriday.com this week. The theme is Theory. I thought of the color theory and how to mix colors. In theory you only need blue, red, yellow and white. From that you can mix all colors. But there is one problem. Because of not enough pureness of the pigment you need at least five or six more colors. As seen I have used   colors displayed on the right side of the artwork.
Abstract original artwork, oil pastel on special oil pastel paper. Size 28 x 20 cm or 11 x 8 in.
E-mail me if you are interested in purchasing the artwork.

13 February 2008

Choose, original drawing, ink, color

Choose. To call or not to call! A paraphrase of Shakespeare! Illustration theme: Choose on Illustrationfriday.com I like the twenties, the hairstyle, the clothes and design. So I thought I should do a drawing with all those things.
The trouble with ink is you have to draw all lines with an ordinary pencil, put on the ink and then erase all pencil marks.
Unfortunate my eraser was not the best one. It had an tendency to smudge. Not good.
I must find another one. After all this was finished I could put the color on paper.
Original artwork. Ink and color pencil. Size 28 x 28 cm or 11 x 11 in. Price: 110 $

03 February 2008

Patchwork Blanket, oil pastel artwork

A patchwork blanket made of water. Theme of the week on Illustrationfriday.com : Blanket. I thought of a blanket of snow at first. But then I changed my mind. I looked at some satellite pictures and was inspired when I saw all long ponds near the sea of Thailand. I thought it looked like a patchwork blanket you would like to put on your bed!

Size: 31 x 23 cm or 12 x 9 in. Oil pastel on blue tinted paper. Original artwork.
Price: 100 $