27 January 2008

Snow-Whites Mother, Color pen Drawing

For Illustrationfriday.com Theme for this week: Tales and legends.
I thought of the fairy tale Snow-White. The becoming mother sheds some drops of blood in the snow when she is sewing by a open window. The castle is surrounded by hills and mountains. Some snowflakes is falling and she is dreaming of a child white as snow, black as ebenholts and with lips red as blood...

Original Color pen drawing on paper. Size 27 x 20 cm or 10,5 x 8 in.

21 January 2008

Plain meal, oil pastel on paper

Topic of the week on Illustrationfriday.com is Plain. I thought of a plain meal with fried eggs. Plain can be so many things. Good and bad. But even plain food can be tasty.
Size: 31 x 24 cm or 12 x 9,5 in. Oil pastel on green tinted paper.
E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork. Price: 90 $ with passepartout.

08 January 2008

100 % Full, original artwork graphit and paper drawing

An entry for illustrationfriday.com . Topic of the week is 100 %. I had several ideas of covering the whole paper with books and other things but then I thought of a full glass. If it is 100 % filled there is no possibility to pour more. 

Graphite and color pen drawing on paper. Size: 20 x 28 cm or 8 x 11 in. Price 80 $

Email me if you like to purchase the artwork.