23 May 2006

Wild duck, pastel artwork

Size 33 x 26 cm or 13 x 10 in. Soft pastel on brown colored paper. Working with pastel is like painting with ordinary paint. Click to buy

20 May 2006

A rusty metal sheet, color pen and water

Rust has lots of different colors from yellowish to dark brown. It is not easy to make it look real. The rock itself and the lichen that grows on it is also difficult to draw realistically. Rocks are not only grey. You can often find green, ochre and blue tones. Size 20 x 27 cm or 8 x 10,5 in. Click to buy

14 May 2006

Jaguar make of car, oil pastel

An old Jaguar with the classic jaguar statue during a rain weather. Size 45 x 33 cm
or 18 x 13 in. Click to bid on eBay

12 May 2006

Tricolore, color pen

Three cars in a row like the french flag! An old Citroen, an old english car and a newer Citroen! I took the photo about ten years ago. Color pen on paper. Size 28 x 38 cm or 11 x 15 in Click to buy

03 May 2006