27 August 2006

Tulip, pastel

Tulip on special pastelpaper with a velvet surface. Size 22 x 31 cm or 8,5 x 12 in. Click to buy

18 August 2006

Clouds, soft pastel artwork

Soft pastel on paper.
Clouds over a lake called Vättern in Sweden. 
There had been during the night a heavy rain and thunder weather.
Size 49 x 34 cm or 19 x 13,5 in. Click to buy

06 August 2006

Legs, soft pastel on paper

The human body. Always interesting. I like feet and legs. They have a fascinating shape. This artwork is made on paper with soft pastel.
Size 32 x 36 cm or 12,5 x 14 in. Click to buy