21 December 2006

Roses and glass, still life, oil pastel


Roses and glass on white tablecloth. Still life. Oil pastel on brown canson paper. Size 22 x 29 cm or 9 x 11,5 in.

06 December 2006

Sunflower, oil pastel

Sunflower. Oil pastel on colored Canson paper. Size 45 x 30 cm or 18 x 12 in. Price 120 $ E-mail me if you like to purchase this artwork.

03 December 2006

Eggs and spoon, food, still life, oil pastel


Three eggs and spoon. Oil pastel on brown colored Canson paper. Size 21 x 16 cm or 10 x 6 in.  

27 November 2006

Crocus flower,soft pastel artwork

Close up of a blue crocus flower. Soft pastel on paper. Size 35 x26 cm or 14 x10 in. No frame, only a passepartout. Price 120 $. If you like to purchase the artwork then click here

03 November 2006

Cauliflower-landscape, color pen

This is a different kind of cauliflower with small green hills. When I saw it I just had to draw it. Color pen on white paper. Not framed. Size 40 x 28 cm or 16 x 11 in. Do you like it and want to purchase the artwork? E-mail me!

19 October 2006

Street lamp,town, soft pastel artwork

This street lamp can be found in Barcelona in Spain. Soft pastel on paper. A monochrome. I have only used grey shades. Size 30 x 40 cm or 12 x 16 in. Price 130 $.
E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork

14 October 2006

Feeding the duck,bird,oil pastel artwork

Oil pastel on paper. Size 47 x 32 cm or 18,5 x 12,5 in. A friend is feeding a duck with left over from a picnic, last summer. Price 140 $.E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!

30 September 2006

Knight in full armor, soft pastel

Knight on horse. Soft pastel on paper. Size 47 x 32 cm or 18,5 x 12,5 in. Horses is difficult to make realistic. The photo I have used as reference has a horse that is bending his head. It was taken at the same time as the knight before.
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03 September 2006

Knight on horse, oil pastel

Knight on horse in a tournament. Oil pastel on paper. This painting is after a photo I took a month ago on a medieval market in Skokloster, a castle in Sweden. It was really fun to watch and the knights was very good.
Size 43 x 30 cm or 17 x 12 in. Click to buy

27 August 2006

Tulip, pastel

Tulip on special pastelpaper with a velvet surface. Size 22 x 31 cm or 8,5 x 12 in. Click to buy

18 August 2006

Clouds, soft pastel artwork

Soft pastel on paper.
Clouds over a lake called Vättern in Sweden. 
There had been during the night a heavy rain and thunder weather.
Size 49 x 34 cm or 19 x 13,5 in. Click to buy

06 August 2006

Legs, soft pastel on paper

The human body. Always interesting. I like feet and legs. They have a fascinating shape. This artwork is made on paper with soft pastel.
Size 32 x 36 cm or 12,5 x 14 in. Click to buy

25 July 2006

Cats, soft pastel artwork

Soft pastel on green paper. Unframed. I like cats. They are individuals and go their own ways. Size 30 x 40 cm or 12 x 16 in. Click to buy

08 July 2006

Landscape in sunset, soft pastel

Soft pastel on paper. Sunset in rain. You can't see the rain but the weather creates the picture. Size 47 x 30 cm or 19 x 12 in.Click to buy

01 July 2006

19 June 2006

Swan,bird,soft pastel on paper

Swan in water. Soft pastel on blue paper. I took several photos last summer of this swan. The picture has a different point of view. Size 24 x 30 cm or 9,5 x 12 in. Price 130 $. E-mail me if you like to purchase the artwork!

10 June 2006

Willow in park, pastel

Willow in a park. Pastel on paper.
Size 31 x 47 cm or 12 x 18,5. Click to buy

09 June 2006

02 June 2006

Color map

This is a colormap or colorcircle. It is very useful for every artist to do your own. In theory if you only have yellow, red and blue you can mix all colors. But in practice you need more colors because the available colors are not pure enough. The circular shape of the map is useful to locate the opposite or complimentary color. If you like to lessen intense of the original color, just add the complimentary color.

23 May 2006

Wild duck, pastel artwork

Size 33 x 26 cm or 13 x 10 in. Soft pastel on brown colored paper. Working with pastel is like painting with ordinary paint. Click to buy

20 May 2006

A rusty metal sheet, color pen and water

Rust has lots of different colors from yellowish to dark brown. It is not easy to make it look real. The rock itself and the lichen that grows on it is also difficult to draw realistically. Rocks are not only grey. You can often find green, ochre and blue tones. Size 20 x 27 cm or 8 x 10,5 in. Click to buy

14 May 2006

Jaguar make of car, oil pastel

An old Jaguar with the classic jaguar statue during a rain weather. Size 45 x 33 cm
or 18 x 13 in. Click to bid on eBay

12 May 2006

Tricolore, color pen

Three cars in a row like the french flag! An old Citroen, an old english car and a newer Citroen! I took the photo about ten years ago. Color pen on paper. Size 28 x 38 cm or 11 x 15 in Click to buy

03 May 2006

30 April 2006

White rose Drawing

A white simple rose made several years ago and forgotten after that! Size about 20x16 cm or 8x6,5 in.Click to buy

25 April 2006

Too lazy cat

A watercolor picture I made several years ago. Forgotten in a drawer. Size 22x16 cm, or 9x6 in. It is for sale too.Click to buy

22 April 2006

St Paul

St Paul. I believe that is the name of this potted plant. The drawing is made with color pen. The size is 20x26 cm or ca 8x10 in. Click to buy

21 April 2006

Glassmosaic Tulips

My first artwork here reminding of the late spring in Sweden.The pieces is glued on a tullenet and ready for mounting on a wall in a kitchen, bathroom and any other wall that suits well. The size is 40x31 cm or ca 16x12 in.