13 February 2008

Choose, original drawing, ink, color

Choose. To call or not to call! A paraphrase of Shakespeare! Illustration theme: Choose on Illustrationfriday.com I like the twenties, the hairstyle, the clothes and design. So I thought I should do a drawing with all those things.
The trouble with ink is you have to draw all lines with an ordinary pencil, put on the ink and then erase all pencil marks.
Unfortunate my eraser was not the best one. It had an tendency to smudge. Not good.
I must find another one. After all this was finished I could put the color on paper.
Original artwork. Ink and color pencil. Size 28 x 28 cm or 11 x 11 in. Price: 110 $


Rui Sousa said...

Nice really nice, a great illustration!

neil said...

Hi Gabriella

You have certainly got an eye for twenties detail, love the candlestick telephone!

Jana Bouc said...

I like this old fashioned girl with her old fashioned phone and the lovely pink draperies. She does look like she's trying to decide....I know that feeling.