11 October 2010

How to cover chest of drawers with mosaic

I saw in a magazine some photos of furnitures covered with mosaic pieces and crushed china. There was a table and a chest of drawers. That inspired me so much so I made my own version. I bought a small nightstand or chest on legs. Crushed som china and glued mirror pieces on the surface with a glue intended for mosaic and tiles. This is how it begun....
At first I used coars sandpaper on the wood. Then I drew with some chalk my intended design. And then the fun but timeconsuming work begun. Crack the pieces and glue. You can se my progress here.

12 March 2009

The intricate pattern of a cat

At last am I submitting to Illustrationfriday.com this drawing. Theme of the week is "Intricate". At first i thought of some abstract pattern but that would be too plain, too common. So, how about an other interpretation of the theme? How about the lifstyle of a common domestic cat?
Graphite drawing.

01 March 2009

Mosaic tablelamp

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. This is what I have done. For some years ago I bought a set of tablelamps made of ceramics. I covered the first one with mosaic and left the other for futher notice. I have finished the other at last. I tought of a motive with grass and flowers. The first lamp is blue. I will publish photos later.
I have also made a frame of paper. More photos to come...

12 November 2008

Lino cut, autumn, fall

It is finished and has been finished for a while. I have made a small edition of 20. Two main colors, brown and black. Size 21 x 30 cm or 8 x 12 in. I am happy with the result.
Available through DaWanda

15 October 2008

Lino cut

I saw an exhibition in Helsinki, Finland about Hokusai and Hiroshige. Two Japanese artists during the 19 century. Their prints made with woodcut was amazing and very inspiring.
When I got home I had an urge to try that too. A good way is to try lino cut. This is my first lino cut. I had a black and white copy of a photo I had taken as model. I made a drawing on the linoleum and cut around it. It is time consuming if you want to make a detailed image but also quite contemplative. I am going to print in two colors so I made also a roughly cut plate for the background color. The main color will be black.

30 July 2008

Can of surströmming, drawing

Theme this week is Canned on Illustrationfriday.com . My first thought was a can of surströmming or fermented Baltic herring. This is an exotic speciality of Sweden. Some love it and some detest it. This is an old type of food with an infamous smell. It is produced along the northern coastline of Sweden. The herring is fermented and then tinned where the fermentation process continues. The process only require a small amount of salt and therefor was it a common way to preserve fish  where salt was scars.
You can find surströmming in almost every supermarket in Sweden now and is considered a delicacy. In old time it was a everyday dish along the north Baltic coastline. 
You can find more information about surströmming in Wikipedia.
I have tasted it. It was edible but none of my favorites. And the smell? Well, you survive.

Original artwork. Color pen drawing on paper.  Style: realistic. Size : 19 x 27 cm or 7 x 10,5 in. Available for purchase.

24 June 2008

Hoard, paper collage

Illustrationfriday.com and theme of the week is Hoard. I thought I should use all my paper clip and make a collage. My inspiration was paintings done in the 15 century. Les tres riches heures du Duc de Berry, an amazing  book there several artists participated. Read more on Wikipedia.
Collage on paper. Size 25 x 33 cm or 10 x 13 in.